New Patch

  • 26 March 2022

FlipaClip is a creative animation app for iOS that enables users to animate characters, backgrounds, and props by flipping cards, giving the illusion of 3D animation. The latest FlipaClip update gives users a way to create and share FlipaClips with friends and family. It's been a hectic few days with the release of Flipaclip 1.0.0. We're really impressed with the responses from the community and we want to thank you all for contributing your feedback. With this update, we're addressing the top feedback we received and adding a few more features we think you'll love.

The FlipaClip app has a new import from iTunes feature that will allow for exporting FlipaClip projects to your PC. This new feature makes it possible to import FlipaClip projects in the app and export it to iTunes so that it can be used with desktop video editing software.

The latest update also includes unified search in the FlipaClip library that will allow users to find and import assets from the library. The update also includes video and audio exporting to PC with many more features and bug fixes.

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