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What Is FlipaClip App?

FlipaClip is a video-making app that is used to alter videos. It is not like other video-making apps where you have to shoot video first and then edit it. With soft, you can shoot video first then edit it. Interface is easy to use and can be customized. Usability is easy to understand. There are plenty of features available to use. It has excellent support. It’s hard to create animated videos without proper tools. Fortunately, download FlipaClip app exists to help out. Software is a simple, user-friendly application that allows user to create animations, share them with your friends. Program is divided into two sections: Clipboard, Library. Clipboard is where you can create, edit clips. Library is where user can find, create, edit your animations.


Interface is one of best parts of this app. It is very easy to use. Interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. There is a toolbar at bottom of screen which has a variety of features. Features are organized in a logical way, they are easy to understand. Interface install FlipaClip is customizable. There are 4 preset layouts, individual icons can be rearranged. Color scheme can be changed. Interface is sleek, clean. Software has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. Person can start by using search bar to find a particular video or user can scan database for type of video you want. Next, user can import a video from your gallery or take a video with your phone. You can import from variety of other video sources, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Person can then add text and graphics to video, such as a title, a picture. Finally, user can publish video to Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Usability of FlipaClip

Usability of FlipaClip

Usability of FlipaClip download Windows 10 is easy to understand. There are a variety of features, but they are easy to understand. There are tutorials for new features and for basic features. Software is not complicated, it is easy to figure out. Tutorials are helpful, app guides, teaching how to use it. Adding photos or videos is as simple as dragging, dropping them into drawing space. Animations are simple to edit. There are only a few buttons and sliders for adding movement and animation.


Functionality of download FlipaClip is great. You can do so many things with program. You can make your own video, person can take multimedia from your camera, edit it, person can take a video from your camera and add a soundtrack to it, user can take video from soft, user can take video from a device, user can take video from a camera. Lots of different features that make it versatile. Software has simple interface, easy to navigate. Product has a free version and a paid version. Free version allows you to record and publish multimedia, whereas paid version enables user to do so with all features that are available on soft, including importing videos, adding text, adding graphics.

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Enjoy FlipaClip Features

  • User-friendly interface that is perfect for beginners
  • Wide range of tools and features that allow user to create detailed animations
  • Ability to share your creations with FlipaClip download community or on social media


Support for FlipaClip app is one of most important features of soft. Software offers 24/7 customer service and technical support. More importantly, customer service is both friendly and helpful. FlipaClip free has excellent support. They have a tutorial section that has tutorials on how to use soft and on how to get help. There is a FAQ section that has a variety of questions, answers. Bottom of application has a help button, if you click on it, it will show you tutorials and links to FAQ. There is "support" button, if your click on it, it will take you to a contact us page where person can send an email.

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FlipaClip App Tips

  • Use “Manual” editing mode for a better experience
  • Create a complex animation to make footage longer and more interesting
  • Save FlipaClip PC projects for future use
  • Use this app on device with a bigger screen
  • Always keep your FLIPA clip saved. If you accidentally delete it or your phone runs out of space, you'll be able to get it back.
  • Person can always save your FLIPA clip in event of a power outage or phone malfunction.
  • Best way to share your clip with someone else is to send it to them through text or email.
  • To make your clip seem more professional, use a vertical, landscape orientation.


Overall, Flipaclip online is free animation app that allows for quick and simple animations to be created. Software has a minimal interface, is very easy to use. Animations created with Flipaclip can be exported as a video, GIF, or a still image. Users are able to export video as a GIF or JPG, share it as an attachment or through social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often are new FlipaClip apps released?
    Program update are released every 2-4 weeks.
  • What can I do with FlipaClip App?
    You can use app to create stop-motion animations, create FlipaScripts, share your creations with world.
  • How do I add a sound to my app?
    Is compatible with most audio formats. Simply select user sound file, then drag it to timeline.

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